When you dive into a relationship with Christ, you find other relationships in your life are meant to model that relationship we have the Christ. Our earthly relationships are meant to show the world our’s with Christ. They are to show the ups and down, and the unconditional love. They show how you work things out and carry each other when things get to their worst and celebrate with them when they’re at their best. Our close friends/spouses/significant others are suppose be fellow disciples of Christ because those are the relationships that will help you in your journey to seek Christ! To learn the heart of God, and to grow closer to Him is meant to be the goal of your relationships here on earth. Those relationships aren’t meant to become our full and main focus, but we desire for them to because God made us to desire intimacy and closeness… but not with each other but with HIM! Not saying He doesn’t want us to get close to friends or intimate with our spouse (nor am I saying it’s wrong to have friends who don’t believe, I have a lot), but to say He is to be desired over ALL! He is meant to be number ONE! I hear so often that people call Him their first priority and they love God and follow Christ, but lives aren’t centered around Him… “they pick and chose what they’ll sacrifice for Him. They want a menu of things to do for Christ and pick their top 5. It doesn’t work like that. yes, the Lord will give you desire of your heart, but only if you’re following Him and doing what He’s called us to do! He will use your desires, loves, and enjoyments to put His plan into action, but first you’ve got to be willing to give some things up, and turn your life over to Him in a real way. You’ll come to find that your heart begins to change and your desires are no longer the same as before. You don’t even look the same to people. Our relationship with Christ can often be reflected in the relationships around us, and how you treat those you have relationships with. Reflect on how honest you are with others. Look at how you treat people. Do they come first? No not your boyfriend or girlfriend…we know they do. I’m talking about that weird kid who always wants to talk to you but has nothing to say, or the old man you see sitting alone in a restaurant every week at the sam table. How do you treat people who “annoy” you? How do you “love” someone who pushes you to do something you don’t want to? Just take a moment and look at how you treat people, is that how you treat the Lord?

What Do You Want (John 1:38)

YES! Perfect.



Read: Job 22:1 – 25:6

Jesus looked around and saw them following. “What do you want?” he asked them. They replied, “Rabbi” (which means “Teacher”), “where are you staying?” (John 1:38)

Relate: A block north of where I live is Main St. Some towns might have another street name but in each city in America I believe there is a street just like our Main Street right here in Binghamton. It gets a lot of foot traffic. A lot. I don’t care if it is sunny and seventy or negative 5 and the wind is battering against anyone not inside, there will be people walking on Main Street. For one reason or another, I even find myself walking it most days.

When I picture the disciples following Jesus, I can almost picture it as an encounter on Main St. Jesus is walking down the street and these two guys are following behind. Each…

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Can I just take a minute?

So I’ve been thinking so much on how Christians as a whole are viewed, and I was thinking about why people would hate a person just because of what they believed and then I read a couple articles there “Christians” completely bashed celebrities or nonbelievers in such hateful, condemning language. Can I apologize on behalf of them? Loved ones…children of the most high… YES we are preach truth and defend our God and live out His will for us, but we are NOT called to be hateful and condemning. Those people who we condemn are God’s creation, whether they believe what we do or not, whether they don’t live the way we do or not …we should never say someone is trash or say they’re going to hell. WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?! I get it, you’re human, you make mistakes…you let things slip, but above all else WE ARE TO LOVE! We are called be like Christ.. who was kind TO ALL. Holy cow, how much can you say about someone who doesn’t believe without saying something about yourself? All you do is destroy their view of our amazing God. When you say such awful things about others, you make them believe that’s the character of our Father!! YOU REPRESENT CHRIST! Goodness. My heart hurts for those condemned by “Christians.” I lived that life, rejecting Christ because of “Christians” who lied to me about who my Savior was, and what He came to do for me. He came to save me from what I thought was freedom. People don’t want our freedom and want their own freedom? That’s okay. It may not be right to us, but when they chose that life.. that means we continue to love and pray for them. NOT CONDEMN THEM! You don’t know them. You don’t know their heart… only our Father does. He knows, He understands, and as long as there’s breath in their lungs they have choice! A CHOICE TO BELIEVE AND FOLLOW WHAT WE DO OR TO NOT. So don’t you dare condemn them. Don’t you dare degrade His creation. They way not be living in a way we like, they may not believe what we believe, but we are called to love and live as light…not darkness…not pushing them away from Christ. Chill, y’all. Seriously. How could we ever be accepted if all we make ourselves out to be are jerks?! No wonder we have such a bad rep…bless. To those who have been hurt or offended..I am SO sorry. Please don’t look at our God with hate for what His sinful people do. My oh my how my prayers are about to be filled with those who condemn…even myself at times.

Thoughts Coming Home From Passion 2014..

It’s amazing to me that you can walk around so “carefree” while completely wrapped in chain of bondage. You can sing and dance and praise The Lord, but all the whIle your hands are tied. Eventually you’re going to try and jump in praise, jump to heaven to scream the glory of God and you’re going to end up yanked back down to earth faster than your feet left the ground. You’ll keep jumping, though, screaming praise until it hits you that your worship is hindered. Your spirit is bruised from chains of bondage, and you can’t jump as high as your spirit is willing to. These chains can be of past sins, hidden under the rug because “you know Christ made you new,” but you haven’t accepted in heart and in your life  that Christ truly has MADE YOU NEW. You still look at yourself with hate. You still see the addiction you lived with. You still see the people you had sex with. You still see who were before Christ, unwilling to shatter that old mirror because of superstition. SUPERSTITION….BAD LUCK?! LUCK?! Lies, all lies from the enemy, from the demons that roam the earth. BREAK THE MIRROR! LUCK NO LONGER EXIST FOR YOU! BLESSING AND PEACE AND GLORY AMD HONOR HAVE COME IN THE NAME OF JESUS FOR YOU! Take the eyes of glory that God has for you to see the new. Everyone always wants to be “the next Peyton Manning,” “the next John Pieper,” “the next Albert Einstein,” “the next Francis Chan,” but the truth is…that will never happen. You will never be them. They already exist! God made you, God made a NEW you for a NEW purpose. GOD MADE YOU FOR A NEW SPECIFIC NAME TO BRING HIM GLORY! Jesus didn’t die on a cross so we could become the next Beth Moore, the next Jackie Chan, the next Chuck Norris or even the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs…the Son of God died on a Cross so we could walk in a new life, new body, new purity. Stop holding onto the scars on your wrist. Stop holding onto to that crippling mental illness that chokes the life out of you. STOP HOLDING ONTO CONDEMNATION THAT YOULL NEVER  BE AS GOOD AS SOMEONE ELSE! Stop believing the lie that you’ll never amount to anything, because guess what? God lives within you, if you have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, GOD LIVES WITHIN YOU! THE HOLY SPIRIT GUIDES YOU! No, you may not be running in faith (yet), but even if you’re crawling He lives in you. Even if the world tells you everyday it’s a lie, God. Lives. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not, there’s a time coming when judgement will fall upon ALL of us. Where we will either be redeemed to a new eternity with God or spend forever without Him. That’s all hell is, after all, being without God. God is the fruits of the spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control (Galatians 5:22-23.) That’s all hell is…an eternity without those things. Why would a loving God condemn anyone? Well, the way I see it..those who have decided to live with God in this life, will do the same in the next..some have chosen to live life without God in this life so they will live without Him in the next. It’s simple as that. A choice. That’s why you can’t fight and argue over what you believe compared to others. It’s all a choice. But that’s definitely not to say don’t share the gospel!!! People may not even know there is a choice. There are people who may have never had someone explain His glory, or may have never even heard the name of Jesus. Sharing the gospel isn’t selling the gospel…it’s not convincing someone of some belief, but giving someone a choice. Don’t force your “sell” on’s not a sell, give them a choice, pray with them and let them know they have a choice. Never stop praying for them even if their name slips from your memory. God is working. God is healing. Not just in those who haven’t met Him yet, but in those still building their relationship with Him! (hint: you’ll never stop building a relationship with God. There’s always room for more!) So to make my SUPER long story short: I’ve been made new in Christ. I’m not selling the gospel, I’m sharing my choice. God’s plan may be relieved to me today, but may not come to life for years. For now, it’s time to trust and grow. Keep moving forward. 


Hey guys!

I just got back from PASSION 2014! And I’m about to post my thoughts on that. If you were there let me know!!! It may have been short, but wow was it powerful!

And for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about… Passion is a Christian Conference for college student and a select few high school seniors to get together and just fellowship and worship our Father in Heaven! It’s an amazing experience, and this was my second year going. This year the Lord blessed us with sermons from louie Giglio, Francis Chan, Christine Cain, and John Pieper. Worship is lead by amazing artists like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and this year…. HILLSONG UNITED!! Thoughts coming in a few!

What do I believe anyways?

“Christian” has become such a basic term in the scheme of things. I’m pretty sure everyone I meet here in the bible belt claims faith, and most of their lives don’t exactly say “I practice what I preach.” So what makes me different? Well, firstly, I won’t be the kind of person to just post a bible verse and devotion and be done. This is seriously my life. I’m here to tell the truth and maybe along the way help someone else find their truth.

What do I believe? I believe Jesus Christ is a man, the true Son of God, who was born of a virgin (impregnated by the Holy Spirit) and lived a life as a man. He was without sin following the law of God and living out prophecy to ultimately die on a cross for the sake of my and your sins. He faced trials like us, and he was human just like us.

I’m not here to bash any one’s beliefs (on purpose.) I’m not here to force my life choices on someone else. I’m just hoping through this someone can relate and maybe share some struggles or you could learn from my tough lessons. But who am I kidding?! We all end up having to learn for ourselves. I am a disciple of Christ, and when I say that…what I mean is I am here to be a servant and live a life devoted to my God! I want to live out His will and plan for my life. He has one for you too! It’s just whether or not you chose to accept that calling or not. One thing that has concerned me as I begin this is people taking me the wrong way (which some will.) Please help me remember this is not for them, fully. It’s mostly for myself in hopes someone (even if one person) can helped or relates to what I go through these next 4 or more (or whatever) years!! I’ve studied other religions and wasn’t a believer until I was eighteen (I’m now nineteen.) This isn’t just something I grew up being taught and have always known and believed. You’ll get to know more about me and my beliefs in posts to come, but for now that’s all I want to say. Also, I believe that faith in Jesus Christ is a relationship, and not a religion. My walk it not about “do and don’t,” but simply growing closer to God and ultimately wanting what He wants for me. Him becoming more, and I becoming less. So that’s that. That’s who I am, and what I believe.

This is the beginning.


So I made a blog…I guess my first post should be about who I am and why I even made this blog, right? Well, I’ve a had blog before. Ya know, just an average blog on tumblr made of nothing but rants, pictures of things I liked and silly gifs. I also had to make a blog here on wordpress last semester for an english course, but I’ve ever really written much about my life or really anything that had any purpose for that matter. I started this blog in hopes of documenting my life as a Christian college student. Not just a Christian, but disciple of Christ… a practicing believer who lives out her faith while facing struggles and temptations. Documenting how I will fall, struggle, and make awful mistakes and chose sin over my Savior at times, but I want this to be a place of honesty from my point of view. (Remember, there’s always two sides to every story and event.) I’ll be honest with you guys, and maybe I can give some pointers on life, and you can share what you’re going through! So who the heck am I any ways?  Well, well, well, my name is Samantha and I am currently 19 years old. I attend college at Auburn University at Montgomery in Alabama as a freshman in my second semester. I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love Jesus more than anything, seriously. I’m a proud to be officially initiated into the Theta Beta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta this February. I have amazing godly friends and am active at AUM’s BCM (Baptist College Ministry.) So, this is my journey. I’m not making any promises on grammar (or spelling) excellency or posting “at this time on this day”, but I will make a promise to be honest. Hold me accountable to that (while remembering this is my perspective.) Welcome to college and welcome to the blog.

This is me excited for the beginning of this journey. You’re welcome.